HVAC Certification Practice Tests

HVAC Air Conditioning

HVAC Air Conditioning Practice Tests Air conditioning is the process of controlling the properties of air like temperature and humidity to get more comfortable condition in an occupied space.  The air conditioning unit in house or any occupied space must be maintained properly to make the space thermal comfort. The technician must process all the required skills to repair or service the unit if any damage occurs. Here we are added sample air conditioning practice tests which resembles the actual test questions and helps the technician to pass HVAC air conditioning certification. 

HVAC Heat Pump

HVAC Heat Pump Practice TestsHeat pump is an electrical device which acts as both cooler and heater for house. The reversing valve in heat pump changes the mode from cooling to heat ( vice versa) by reversing the direction of refrigerant. The HVAC technician who repairs or service the heat pump should have HVAC certification. Here we have added some HVAC practice tests heat pump containing 10 to 15 questions which resembles the actual certification exam questions.   


HVAC Controls

HVAC controlling equipment regulates the operation of HVAC equipment includes cooling, heating and air conditioning.

HVAC Electrical Basics


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