Free EPA 608 Practice Test (Core Exam)-2

Free Online EPA 608 Practice Test( Core Exam)-2

EPA 608 Practice Test Note (Core Exam)-2

a) Vacuum Pump used in Passive System

EPA 608 practice test-Vacuum-PumpThe vacuum pump can be assisted in refrigerant recovery in a passive system with an inoperative compressor. But the refrigerant container should be non-pressurized because vacuum pump can handle pumping against more than atmospheric pressure.

b) Large Vacuum Pump Freezes the moisture in the system.

Using too large vacuum pump will freeze the moisture in the system because it causes the speedy drop in the system pressure. When the pressure drops the boiling point and freezing point of water decreases. To remove the moisture a dry nitrogen should be introduced which increases the pressure in system and melts the moisture in to water which can be removed using liquid recovery procedure.

c) System gauge position in vacuum pulling

In vacuum pulling procedure, the system vacuum gauge should be located as close as possible to system tubing and as far to the vacuum pump. This increases the accuracy in pulling vacuum using vacuum pump. By this method continuous monitoring the system pressure will reduce the effect of moisture freezing.

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